Washing & Care

Scrubba dub dub!

Linen/Cotton with Screenprinting Ink: I paint with a screenprinting ink made for fabrics. It is the same ink used to screenprint clothing items such as tshirts. After painting I heat set the ink which means the colours shouldn't budge. Wash your In Plan View tablewares with similar colours- or in their own load. Your choice!
Hang linen runners to dry. Linen and Cotton Napkins can go in the dryer. 
Press as necessary. 
Cotton with Fabric Dye: some napkin sets are painted with a fabric dye. Some initial running MAY occur, so separate for the first wash if necessary. Wash with similar colours. Linen and Cotton napkins are dryer safe. Press as necessary. 
Ultimately, In Plan View cannot be responsible for any damage that occurs during use and care. All products have been pre-tested through wash and dry cycles to see how they will react and what their ultimate care requirements are. Changes in colour may occur- that is the nature and beauty of hand made textile goods! Love them and they will love you back!